Chapter 6: Multiplatform Content

At the end of each chapter of Greenlit you’ll find a list of useful exercises, links and useful resources. Here are some of them:

Addicted to Beauty – Oxygen – TV, online videos, original web series, merchandise, game, forums and blogs.

Battlefront - Ch4 – TV, video reports, blogs, campaign tools, partnership with Bebo.

Britain from Above - BBC 360 degree project: TV (BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4), geo-tagged original online videos, photographs, ‘making of’ videos, archive clips on YouTube, embedded Google maps, Google Earth, embeddable content.

Shark Runners Game – Discovery USA – TV (Shark Week), website, online game, email, text messaging.

Springwatch – BBC2 -  TV series; website with blogs, message boards and webcam footage; official Flickr group with geotagged photos; book.

Cynopsis Digital - daily email newsletter with the latest (mainly US) multiplatform commissions.

Twitter – microblogging site where you can tap into what people are talking about and spot breaking stories as they happen. Try following some of the following (feel free to suggestion anyone you’d like to see on the list):

Channel 4 Education Multiplatform Commissioning Website – clear and detailed information about developing and pitching a multiplatform project.

Cynopsis Digital – a useful glossary of digital terms.

Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins – an entertaining introduction to the ways that audiences respond to, interact with and repurpose old media content on new media platforms.

New Media Age – a weekly magazine dedicated to interactive media with a range of free email newsletters.